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With over 10 years experience, we pride ourselves on the work we administer. Whether your equipment needs repairing, cleaning or an upgrade, we can take care of it effectively and efficiently.  See what our current customers are saying.

I'm very impressed with the skills and professionalism of Trey Oakes. He made several trips to Wimberley to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix four separate leaks. My excellent building contractor reviewed his repairs and wholeheartedly approved, which is a huge compliment. His prices are very fair, and he was excellent at keeping me up-to-date with the status. I'm thrilled to finally find a reliable pool maintenance company. Highly recommended! - Kathy H

I am in the process of renovating and opening an event facility in San Marcos and there is a LOT of work to be done. The facility has a pool that has been being cared for my Oakes Pool Services for years.  They are, efficient, professional and friendly.  I am thrilled to death that this one thing I have NO concerns about because Trey and his staff just handle all of the maintenance and service here so flawlessly.  I cannot more highly recommend Oakes Pools for affordable, consistent service delivered with excellence-- it's hard to find these days. - Karen B

Oakes Pool service has fixed most everything connected to my pool including pumps, plumbing, both heaters and my hot tub, all while being extremely reasonable with the costs. Oakes is very timely and sometimes has even made it out the same day I called. Trey with Oakes has also been there to answer all my questions as well as provide advice to help prevent future problems. I can't say enough good things about their service after being helped so many times. - Anonymous

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– Jay and Linda Middlebrook

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